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We are global pioneers of expert Virtual HUMINT™-driven Web Intelligence Services & Technology, designed to bridge crucial intelligence gaps faced by allied governments and corporations around the world.

Our WEBINT efforts are powerfully focused on Tactical C-IED, Cyber Counter-Intelligence, Digital Diplomacy, and more.


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Download a FREE 50-page WEBINT report from our Möbius™ C-IED series on Foreign Fighters in Syria, appended to our technical analysis of an interesting SVBIED event in Deir ez-Zor, Syria.  The report illustrates nicely how we mine social media to uncover data on the foreign fighters themselves, what motivates them and the various avenues of radicalization.

Also available for FREE download is Cyber Intelligence Yearly Report for 2013.  If you are not yet registered to our website, just click the request access link below and sign up.

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Career Opportunities!

We are seeking an OSINT Analyst for Relocation to an English-Speaking African country.  If you are looking for rewarding work, invaluable experience, and excellent compensation, please apply at the link.

We also require an aspiring Cyber Security Analyst, preferably a student who is able to commit at least 20 hours a week, with some programming experience (reverse engineering knowledge a huge plus).

Corporate Brochure

Terrogence_Corporate_Brochure.jpgDownload our Corporate Brochure and learn about our core WEBINT capabilities and services (pdf, about 2MB).

Solution White Papers for Corporations (must be logged in).

As always, feel free to contact us directly.

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